By Cassandra Tyndall
On January 19, 2024

Turn of the season

No matter how cold the winter, spring always comes. While this may not be true in the North, it is in the Southern Hemisphere. Regardless of your location on this sphere, the ethos remains the same — that time is circular, rather than linear. The seasons turn. The tide comes in and it goes out. Fortunes rise and fall. There is a season for everything under the Sun.

Then there are times in life where it isn’t completely obvious which direction things are turning. It’s as if things are hanging in the balance.

This week is one of those times as the Libra Equinox arrives, where the days are about as long as the nights and the nights are about as long as the days. For some of us, the light encroaches on the night. While for others, the dark creeps up on the days. In the natural world, it’s just the inevitable turn of the seasons. While in our internal worlds, it may feel like a bardo of sorts, a liminal and uncertain place, where the arrival of the next season of life awaits. This week, be sure to get your affairs in order to prepare for the next chapter.

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