By Cassandra Tyndall
On December 13, 2023

Something gained, something lost

A total Solar Eclipse in Libra this week will backlight the eerie yet obvious imbalances of truth, justice and beauty in our personal lives as well as the collective landscape. As a New Moon, this eclipse holds the promise of bright new beginnings. Attached to the South Node, there is a purging or purifying component that reminds us old ways won’t open new doors. If something is to be gained, something has to be lost.

In Libra, acute awareness of injustice, untruths and unfairness is heightened. It may no longer be enough to go along just to get along, especially if withdrawals have outweighed deposits, either metaphorically or literally. Where have the scales become so imbalanced within societal structures that are meant to uphold the epitome of truth?

So while eclipses are renowned for upsetting the apple cart, they have a way of turning things on their head in order to get things back into balance. Issues of relationship are likely to be redefined. Is marriage still a viable technology? What do diplomatic relations either personally or politically look like now? What are the tenats of truth, beauty and justice when it appears the whole world is on fire?

The ultimate in vanity
Exploiting their supremacy
I can’t believe the things you say
I can’t believe the price we pay
….And Justice For All, Metallica

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