By Cassandra Tyndall
On December 13, 2023

Cosmic Catalogue: Great sacrifice 

There are times in life, when in order to get to an ideal destination, you have to traverse through places you’d rather not endure. Life, at times, can seem like a continual cost-benefit analysis. In order to have X, you must compromise on Y. In order to compromise on Y, the desire for X has to be worth it. Once those negotiations have taken place and agreements have been made, the journey begins.

You can choose to be a naysayer and say that the destination cannot be reached. That the cost is too great or too difficult. Or, you can choose to never give up on your ideals. Don’t be naive to the practical means necessary to attain it. That seems to be a missing component. Everyone wants the end point without realizing what it actually takes to get there.

Any dream or goal worth achieving requires blood, sweat, tears and great sacrifice. Anyone who thinks they can avoid that is a fool. This week encourages you to rethink your position. If you’re not willing to be a part of the process, you do not get to dictate the outcome. Be careful what you wish for if you’re not willing to pay the price.

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