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Honoring a loved one

Throughout our lives, people and animals often become important to us and make a great impact.  There are many ways to remember or honor these special individuals.  One way is to make a donation in their name to Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS).  For animal lovers, a terrific holiday or birthday gift might be a donation to RCHS.  A donation is a great way to remember a favorite pet or family member who meant a lot to you.  Joyous occasions, such as birthdays and weddings, are other reasons to donate.

When someone asks you what you want as a gift, suggest a donation to RCHS!  Do you have someone on your list who has everything?  A donation to RCHS might be great!  So next time you’re thinking about the “purrfect” gift for a loved one, please remember the homeless animals at RCHS.  Your donation can really make a difference!  If you have any questions about donating to RCHS please call us at 802-483-9171 or visit our website at

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