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Halloween safety tips for pets

Here are a few tips from RCHS to make sure your pet stays safe and happy. Trick-or-treaters showing up at the door may frighten all but the most sociable animals. If your pet doesn’t do well with commotion, keep them in a safe place during these hours. Chocolate and some sugarless treats can be harmful for pets, so keep the candy bowl somewhere where they can’t sneak a taste. If your dog ingests chocolate, please call your veterinarian for advice. Costumes can be super fun, and some pets love them, but many can get stressed by being dressed up. If you do put a costume on your pet, make sure to remove items that can be chewed or torn off and swallowed. Finally, make sure your pet has ID. With your door opening often, your pet has a higher chance of running out. Call the shelter at 802-483-6700 if your pet goes missing.

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