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Gardening pointers for novices

Some of the most popular gardens are plots designated for cultivating herbs and vegetables. Fresh produce is a great benefit of having a home garden, allowing homeowners to exercise control over which products to use to grow robust, healthy vegetables.

Novice gardeners may not know where to begin when it comes to planting their first vegetable gardens, and can benefit by starting small. It’s easy to begin by growing plants in containers so they are more manageable and can be moved as you discover which areas of your property provide the best growing conditions.

Begin with one or two types of vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers and squashes are popular starters, as they are relatively hardy. Select only a few plants so you are not overwhelmed with the level of care required.

Some gardeners prefer to start plants from seeds, but this will require more time and a greater commitment with regard to maintenance and planting. When just starting out, experiment with small plants that are established and already have a good root system.

Consult with your local gardening center for suggestions such as which soil amendments to use.


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