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First annual Bonfire and Snow Dance benefit successful

By Robin Alberti

Rotary member Jon Curtis adds fuel to the already-blazing fire of left over Christmas trees burned at Pasta Pot.

By Robin Alberti

KILLINGTON — This past Sunday, Jan. 17, the Pasta Pot in Killington hosted its first Bonfire and Snow Dance to benefit the Killington-Pico Rotary Club. Along with the trees that Rotary had left over from its sale, for a $5 donation, folks could bring their own trees and add them to the fire.

Rotary member Vince Chiarella said, “The idea came up last Sunday… we threw this event together in a week. It was a combined effort. We had some trees left over from Rotary’s Christmas tree sale, and wanted to do something that would bring the community together, and encourage snow and good fortune to local businesses.”

There is a Norse tradition that says if you burn a tree in the winter, it will bring prosperity. In Killington, that means snow. It seems to have worked! That night, over 7 inches of snow fell, the biggest storm yet of the season.

Pete Timpone, chef and owner of the Pasta Pot for 42 years, was happy to lend a hand. “The Rotary does great work for the community,” he said. “They support a lot of local charities, so we are happy to support them.”

Along with the use of his land behind the restaraunt, he donated hot cocoa and made pizzas for the Rotary to sell to attendees.

A playlist of songs related to fire played during the evening. When “Let It Snow” came on, the crowd joined in a snow dance around the fire.

The trees crackled and the flames burned high. Chiarella and the Killington-Pico Rotary are excited to grow the event next year.

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