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Durham County Poets perform live in Brandon

Saturday, Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m.—BRANDON—The Durham County Poets are five guys from Canada’s Chateauguay Valley who play in blues bands, gospel groups, Cajun, folk, rock and country bands. Some of the songs had been lying dormant for over a decade—others are newborn. A collective blend of styles from Dan Hicks to James Taylor, the Band to Leon Redbone, this music is a melting pot full of inspired tunes to enjoy. The Poets perform live at Brandon Music on Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m.
The eclectic group is made up of lead singer Kevin Harvey; electric and acoustic guitarist David Whyte; acoustic guitarist Neil Elsmore; double bassist Carl Rufh; and percussionist James Preimel.
Their first album, “Where the River Flows,” was a collection of songs that much like the river in its title, seemed to flow effortlessly, one into the other. Harvey states that the feel of the album is very organic: “We recorded it live off the floor for the most part, wanting to capture the room sound and the groove you get only from playing in close contact with each other. You can hear it in the sound of the record: it’s airy and not overly processed, very organic for sure.”
The front cover of the second album, “Chikkaboodah Stew,” covers the gamut from folk to blues, jazz to crooner, swing to ballad and even a little rock, prog and gospel influence. Peppered with Hammond B3 organ, horns, stellar violin and clarinet and some over the top backup singing, this is a stew meant to be savored and preferably jarred so one can try it at their leisure.
This event is a part of Vermont Arts 2016, celebrating public funding for the arts.
Concert tickets are $20. A pre-concert dinner is available for $25. Reservations are recommended for the show and required for dinner. Venue is BYOB. Call 802247-4295 or email for reservations or for more information. Brandon Music is located at 62 Country Club Road, Brandon.

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Music

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