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Drum for your health at free percussion open house

Friday, Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. — RUTLAND — Drum Journeys of Earth is hosting a free open house on Friday, Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. in Rhythm Hall on the 2nd floor of Building 5 at the Howe Center, Rutland.  There will be demonstrations of ethnic drumming including West African music, Latin percussion, Middle Eastern and Native American frame drumming. The audience will be encouraged to join in.

“Anyone can drum,” says Gary Meitrott, founder of Drum Journeys of Earth. “Rhythm is within all of us. It’s inside us as we breathe, as our heart beats, as we walk. It’s on the streets, in the cars we drive. It’s the earth itself. Rhythm is everywhere, and we cannot exist without it.”  

With research reported in US News & World Reports, Time, and Newsweek on the health benefits of drumming, many non-native people have become aware of the drum’s use as a tool for wellness. The Denver Post reported that a recent study in the journal Alternative Therapies found an increase in disease-fighting cells among participants in drum circles. 

Drum Journeys of Earth and its students are widely known for leading the Rutland Halloween Parade as the Drumming Skeletons. 

For more info, call 802-282-2581, or visit

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