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Chet Hagenbarth named Killington town manager

KILLINGTON—The Select Board has appointed a new town manager with a familiar face.

Chet Hagenbarth, who has been an interim town manager since April, was appointed to the town manager position in a meeting Monday, Sept. 16.

Hagenbarth has worked in the Killington town office since 2012. He was the highway and facilities director until he became interim town manager after the Select Board terminated Deborah Schwartz without reason in March.

Hagenbarth said he wants to improve Killington’s budget issues, which was a topic of contention at the March Town Meeting, with some saying the budget is incorrect.

“I want to work toward correcting some of our financial future, looking at what our debt situation is and what our infrastructure is and developing a long-term plan to address those issues,” he said.

Hagenbarth said the Select Board will go over different parts of the budget in the coming weeks. He expects to present a final draft of the budget by Dec. 3.

Hagenbarth has lived in Killington since 1994. He worked at an engineering firm and was facilities manager at Valley Regional Hospital. He has also worked in the construction industry.

The Select Board had talked of forming a search committee for a new town manager, but abandoned that and instead formed a review committee in August, which then recommended appointing Hagenbarth to the permanent position.

The town will be increasing the duties of Road Foreman Rick Bowen who will take over Hagenbarth’s previous duties in that department.

One comment on “Chet Hagenbarth named Killington town manager

  1. Town Manager
    Chet Hagenbarth

    Hi Chet,
    our road [TERRACE DRIVE] is particularly bad, in that the pot holes are 6+ ” deep and there are many and they are difficult, if at all, to drive around them.

    Our vehicles are suffering & we request that the “pot holes” are repaired immediately. Other roadwork/Terrace Drive & Telephon Trail, may be completed later this summer, however these potholes are an immediate need.

    Thank you for your prompt attention,
    Sandy Clough-LaMontagne

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