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Barstow school district to vote on revised budget, April 30

Staff report

The Barstow Unified Union School Board unanimously agreed to re-warn a budget with approximately $29,000 in reductions at its meeting, March 21.

The original $6.27 million budget (a 12.1% increase over FY2024) was defeated by only four votes on Town Meeting Day: 375-379. A subsequent recount confirmed the outcome.

Board members pointed to the common level of appraisal assessment — that has driven area property values and, therefore, taxes up — as an explanation of the budget’s initial defeat.

Board members are hopeful that more voters understand that excessive spending by the districts is not to blame and will pass the budget this time.

Chittenden and Mendon residents will vote on the new budget Tuesday, April 30. There will be an informational meeting the week prior at 6 p.m. Monday, April 22.

The $29,000 reductions, which bring the new budget down to $6.25 million, are the result of the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union (RNESU) decision to cut $164,315 from its budget, which include eliminating one special educator, a clinician, an elementary coordinator and a part-time bus driver.

The Barstow board noted that there were many parts of their budget that they do not have control over, such as the 16.4% increase in health insurance (brokered by the state) and high school tuition, which makes up 32% of the district budget, or $1,981,217.

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