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Agency of Ag urges Vermonters to “get what they pay for” when heating their homes this winter

As the nights grow colder, the Agency of Agriculture’s Consumer Protection Division reminds Vermonters to take steps to ensure they “get what they pay for” when heating their homes.

“With winter approaching, it’s important for Vermonters to know there are rules in place to govern transactions related to both fuel and firewood,” according to Henry Marckres, chief of the Consumer Protection Division of the Agency of Agriculture. Whether you use fuel oil, kerosene, propane, or firewood, the following guidelines can help ensure the fuel measures up:


Any delivery of heating fuel requires an invoice be left, unless an agreement has been reached previously between buyer and seller to invoice at a later date. When you receive a delivery of fuel oil, kerosene, or propane, the invoice should include the following information:

  • Name and address of the dealer
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Date of delivery
  • Price per gallon
  • Total gallons delivered
  • Total Price

Propane deliveries should also state that the volume delivered was adjusted for temperature. The gallons delivered must be printed by the meter register mounted on the delivery vehicle.

  • Firewood
  • Firewood deliveries must also provide the customer with an invoice including:
  • Name and address of the dealer and the customer
  • Date of delivery
  • Type of wood delivered (ash, maple, etc.)
  • Price per cord
  • Total number of cords delivered
  • Total price

Firewood must be sold by the cord; terms such as “rack, facecord, or truckload” are illegal. A cord of firewood must equal 128 cubic feet. When you purchase firewood, the Agency recommends you pile it as soon as possible to determine if you have received the agreed upon amount. For more info call 802-828-2426.

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