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A fluctuating sky

By Cassandra Tyndall

There is so much happening in the sky right now that it can make it difficult to really tease out what is going on. That said, late June and early July has been plagued by tension and frustration that may have led to angry outbursts and explosions of literal or figurative kinds.

This week, the topic of relationships may come to a head as Venus gets caught in the crossfire. You may discover that your values, wants or desire are at odds with something or someone else. While Venus attempts to smooth things over, the realization may arrive that you’ve gone as far as you possibly can in a certain situation. Compromise is possible, but it won’t be easy.
The part of your life that may have been confusing, exceptionally busy or in a constant state of flux is preparing to shift gears. You’ve learned a lot recently, so keep those lessons in your pocket for now, they’ll come in handy late 2021!

A new moon in Cancer at the end of the week is ideal for care and comfort. Taking solace in whatever makes you feel safe and nurtured can help soothe the stress or anxiety recent months may have dished up.

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