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7 movies to watch this Easter season

Movie-goers may not associate Easter with Hollywood blockbusters, but there is an entire cache of films that align well with Easter. Consider these movies while gathering this year.

1. “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!”: This 1974 classic puts The Peanuts’ heartwarming spin on another holiday theme. 

2. “The Prince of Egypt”: This 1998 animated film tells the tale of Moses and Pharoah.

3. “Hop”: This combination of live action and animation tells the story of the Easter Bunny’s teenage son “E.B.”

4. “The Greatest Story Ever Told”: Tells the story of Jesus of Nazareth and follows His life from the nativity through to the crucifixion. 

5. “The Dog Who Saved Easter”: A cuddly canine makes it his business to save Easter.

6. “The Ten Commandments”: 1956 film of Moses including pre-CGI special effects.

7. “The Passion of the Christ”: Released in 2004, this rated-R movie chronicles the final twelve hours of Jesus’ agony. Note that the movie does not shy away from violence. 

Easter presents a time when families can enjoy religious-themed movies that share stories of faith or flicks with positive messages.  

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