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30 scenes of snow

Rutland artist Carrie Pill creates original paintings daily as part of self-imposed #Snowvember challenge

By Brooke Geery

As of the end of November, Carrie Pill has created a new piece of art every day for 90 days. The Rutland-based artist first participated in a daily painting from life challenge put on by Strada Easel in September, and enjoyed the challenge so much she kept it going with “Inktober,” where she created a new mountain bike inspired ink drawing daily, and more recently “Snowvember.”

“When October was nearing an end I didn’t want to stop the momentum I had, so that’s where I thought of painting for Snowvember,” she said. “I would take a day away from the easel if I didn’t have a current challenge. It’s good to take breaks, even if it’s something you love doing…the creative mind needs some space to wander.”

The 38-year-old said she has identified as an artist as long as she can remember. She has been selling her work for 20 years, and after many years of toiling, painting is officially her full time gig. Her Snowvember project satisfies multiple needs.

“This is a self imposed challenge,“ Pill said. “I wanted a way to get psyched about winter with others through my art. Each painting has a story, I’m lucky that so many of them have resonated with other winter appreciators.”

The 30 pieces she created during November show all sorts of snow scenes, many of them of skiing. Some feature resort skiing, some the back country, and a few are even inspired by the World Cup race in Killington. She has no trouble finding inspiration.

“There are not enough canvases, there’s not enough time in the day for everything I want to paint. I have so many memories and I’m looking forward to many more to come. We are so lucky to live here with these incredible mountains right out our door,” Pill said.

While creating one beautiful piece of art a day is impressive, it’s not all that keeps her busy.

“The most that I can do to get ahead is begin the next day’s piece after completing one. I can’t resolve several in a day, believe me, I’ve tried!” she laughed. “It would be possible if this was all I had to work on, but I also have commissions in progress, I teach painting classes and of course working artists are also small businesses. I am the one who needs to run out for materials, frame the art, ship the art, answer the emails, list the art on the website, photograph and promote the art…and so on. It’s not all painting happy little trees and mountains…but I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

You can shop her available originals at Base Camp Outfitters and the Brandon Artists’ Guild, as well as online at She also has prints available at Liquid Art.

“I’m always working on a series like #snowvember and I love to connect with others through my art. So if you want to see the latest works and learn more about my inspiration and process, follow me on Instagram @carriepillart or Facebook at Art by Carrie Pill,” Pill said.

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  1. Article on Carrie Pill and her unique approach to her obvious passion is excellent. Aside from her work, which is really superb, in terms of style and presentation, your publication is to be commended on it’s representation of an artist/businesswoman’s efforts in challenging times. Carrie’s perseverance, talent, and an obvious desire to make this world a little happier with a paint brush, and your coverage of it, made my day a whole lot brighter.

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