On April 3, 2024

Pittsford eclipse event offers spectacular viewing opportunity

Scheduled to begin precisely at 2:14 p.m., the total solar eclipse will cast its shadow over the northern half of Vermont, culminating in a breathtaking display as the sun is completely obscured by the moon from 3:26 to 3:29 p.m. During this remarkable event, the skies will darken, resembling dusk or even the middle of the night if clouds are present.

In Pittsford, Vermont, observers will have the opportunity to witness this near-total eclipse from the picturesque surroundings of Pittsford Village Farm. Avoiding the chaos and crowds often associated with such events, attendees will enjoy free and easy access to the PVF knoll, one of the area’s most beautiful gathering spots.

To enhance the viewing experience, Maclure Library will be providing complimentary eclipse glasses to ensure safe observation of the celestial spectacle. Additionally, the library will offer engaging eclipse-related activities for attendees of all ages, adding an educational component to this unforgettable event.

For more information, visit: pittsfordvillagefarm.org or maclurelibrary.org

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