On February 21, 2024

7th Annual Pico Hiko Splitfest: Your Ultimate Splitboarding Experience

Courtesy Pico Ski Resort
Splitboarders set off on their journey into the snowy trails at Pico Ski Resort.

Friday, Feb. 23 at 8:30 a.m.—MENDON—The 7th annual Pico Hiko Splitfest splitboarding exhibition is coming to Pico this Friday. It will provide education, and exploration into the world of splitboarding for those who are interested in learning. The event provides an opportunity for those who want  to learn more about safe access to the backcountry, while providing information  for anyone looking for the perfect setup.

Splitboarding is a winter sport that combines elements of snowboarding and backcountry skiing. Splitboarders use a specialized snowboard that splits into two separate ski-like parts for uphill travel, akin to skis. When ascending a slope, the splitboarder attaches climbing skins to the bottom of each splitboard half to provide traction. Once they reach the desired location, they reassemble the splitboard into its snowboard form for downhill riding. Splitboarding allows riders to access remote backcountry terrain for untouched powder and adventurous descents while enjoying the freedom and thrill of snowboarding.

From first-timers to seasoned split vets, this event promises guidance to help interested splitboarders find the finest quality big-mountain freeride shred tools, avalanche safety equipment, layering and even backcountry mapping insights!

Emgee Events, Pico Mountain, and Vermont Adaptive have teamed up to bring together the best brands in the industry for participants to ride in the perfect testing environment. Splitboarding is a big, long-term investment.

Bring your boots, helmet, goggles and outerwear and let the exhibitors do the rest.

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