On November 22, 2023

It’s the trypto-fan


By Pat Wise

It’s the same thing every year,

that feeling known as lethargy,

Is it bird or is it beer,

that causes lack of energy?

In the homes across the land,

a family gathered day

there’s clinks of forks and bird to eat

then football to be played.

Touchdowns, tackles, passes, kicks,

stuffing face, a turkey fix,

bellies bulge from festive spread, 

as whales lay on the couch half-dead.

Some of them seem toasted,

some have even boasted,

trypto- fans have ghosted

the one who cleaned and hosted.

Eyeballs on the screen,

half-asleep while watching,

in and out of dream,

Screaming at their team,

drooling while they’re talking,

bellies full, while gawking.

One more meal that’s left to eat

Apple, pecan, chocolate sweets,

cherry, key-lime can’t be beat

pumkin pie and other treats. 

Indigestion bubbles,

but one thing saves their troubles,

hopes their favorite team will win, 

As long as no one fumbles.







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