On October 5, 2023

Murder Mystery Weekend at Echo Lake Inn provides a murderous fun weekend



  Cocktail Party:

Here’s where you get to meet the other guests. All you know at this point is that there are impostors in the group. Hmmm…. that’s strange. Suddenly you start to notice that your drink smells like burnt almonds.

A little later that evening:

Over dinner or heavy hors d’oeuvres you observe that everyone in the group has some suspicious characteristics about them. Then of course, nobody believes a word you’ve said so far either. Suffice it to say that this isn’t going to be the quiet little dinner you had imagined. After all, this is where it all gets started– usually with a bang.

And you without an alibi. Because of the circumstances at this point, you may even start to notice how interesting it is the way seasoned homicide investigators can twist things around and make it look like you aren’t who you say you are. Particularly since that crumbled up piece of paper you casually tossed away during the cocktail party turned out to be a major clue. Oh, well, a murder investigation is under way and so far you’ve managed to make it to the top of the suspect list. Who’s counting?

Later that evening:

Perhaps a drink in the bar and some casual conversation will turn up some new leads. Hopefully, somebody without a badge will still want to talk to you.

Sometime during the night:

You are awakened by a scream coming from somewhere in the hotel. You discard it as someone listening to a very bad Italian opera.



Seems the investigation has turned up some new evidence. The detective in charge looks like he’s been up all night doing what ever detectives do all night when they’re up investigating. You begin to see a picture starting to form. Maybe that old lady across the room isn’t old… or even a lady for that matter. Something’s not adding up. After a hearty breakfast and some updates you decide to enjoy one or two of the hotel’s activities while at the same time keeping your eyes open.


Again exquisite. Didn’t you just finish breakfast? Go ahead. With all the running around you just did you’ve earned it. Wait a minute! Another major twist! Dang! Just when you thought you were onto something. You decide to spend the afternoon non-chalantly grilling a few of your prime suspects– off the record of course.

Another major twist

  Another Cocktail Party:

Why not? It’s time to celebrate. You’ve managed to narrow this down to one person and every clue turned up so far points in the right direction. You’ve got this nailed. Don’t say anything to anyone. You don’t want to tip ‘em off. After all, there is a prize.


The piece de resistance! It’s a good thing you didn’t tell anyone about your theory– it just got carried out the door in a body bag. Now what?

You gotta’ re-think this. Whoever’s running this weekend just announced that when we come into Brunch in the morning we have to hand in our solutions. Didn’t you just have…? Forget about it. You got better things to worry about. All those clues, twists, turns. Mayhem! Wait a minute… What was it that guy said at lunch about… Of course! You’ve got another idea! And it’s brilliant!

After a cognac or two you might be able to put this down on paper



You’ve handed in your brilliant solution. You can even read it. A hush falls over the room as our tireless detective paces back and forth. There’s that smirk on his face again. He has it figured out.

At the end of the denouement youre feeling pretty good about yourself. Missed it by that much! How were you to know you where going to be up against a couple of brainy 14 year olds that memorized every episode of “Murder, She Wrote.”

Anyway you had a great time. Great location. Great food. Interesting people. You forgot about work for awhile… all those everyday annoyances… and even though you worked at the investigation… you relaxed. You feel good.

If you’d just followed… Oh, never mind.

End of Mystery!

(Please Note: Itineraries and individual hotel amenities vary and are subject to change)




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