On October 5, 2023

Exploring childhood through time

Middletown Springs open house presents diaries from 1907

Sunday, Oct. 8 at 2 p.m.—MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS—The Middletown Springs Historical Society invites you to step back in time and experience through the childhood diaries of Lucy and Hazel Grover. Held at the Middletown Springs Historical Society Museum from 2-4 p.m., this open house promises a unique glimpse into life on a Vermont family farm at the dawn of the 20th Century.

In 1907, Lucy Grover, aged 14, and her younger sister Hazel, aged 10, embarked on a written journey that would provide a rare window into the daily life of a family living on a farm in West Tinmouth, merely 4 miles from Middletown Springs. The entries, meticulously penned in identical composition books, chronicle the joys, duties, and discoveries that filled their days.

To breathe life into these historical accounts, young actors Anya Brostek from Hubbardton and Ellie Ruck from Middletown Springs will take the stage, embodying the roles of Lucy and Hazel, respectively. Under the guidance of Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman, a partner in the Theatre in the Woods summer camp located in Middletown Springs, they will bring to life the experiences and emotions of the Grover sisters.

The event is part of the broader exhibit, Childhood in Middletown Springs, 1850-1920, which delves into various aspects of growing up in this Vermont community during that era. The exhibition will run until March 17, 2024, providing ample time for visitors to explore the nuances of childhood, work, education, and play in Middletown Springs.

Following the dramatic reading, guests are invited to a gallery talk, providing additional context to the exhibit. Light refreshments will be provided.

The open house is open to the public and free of charge.  For more information, visit: mshsvt.com.

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