On September 20, 2023

Locals line up to take pies in their face, for Chase

Head to Moguls Sports Pub this Sunday, Sept. 24 from 1-6 p.m. for the 10th Annual International Pie in the Face for Chase charity benefit.

It’s time again to pie local celebrities and raise money for Chase William Kuehl and the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation (PMSF). Kuehl is one of only 2,500 children worldwide diagnosed with this disease. The prevalence of those with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome is estimated to be between 1 in 25,000 babies born. There is no cure, but it is PMSF’s goal to find effective therapies to help those with PMS, and, eventually, a cure.

Last year, $30,000 was raised, and organizers hope to keep growing that number. Like the past nine years, 100% of the proceeds go to Chase William Kuehl and PMSF, with an equal 50/50 split.

It’s $10 to get in, which includes a door prize raffle ticket, and there’s many great prizes to be won by many great, local businesses. Kids are free. Besides the pieing and the door prizes, there will be a silent auction and a teacup raffle. Live music will be provided by Duane Carleton. Cash or check is preferred, but you can pay through Paypal or Venmo as well.

For $22 (the disease is a deletion of chromosome 22), participants get to pie one person in the face with a whipped cream pie. For $50, you can pie someone with a green pudding pie. Green is the color of the charity and pudding is one of Chase’s favorite snacks, plus it’s a lot smellier. For only $100, mere pennies a day, the PMSF Chaser is the best option available. It’s a pumpkin pie topped with pudding and whipped cream. It’s the messiest pie to date and the most fun way you can donate, but any donation is a great thing that will help many children and their families. Pie as many people as you want. Moguls supplies all the ingredients and there will be 22 local celebrities to choose from.

The “celebrity” pie classes this year are:

Sophomores: Whit Montgomery (Killington Chief of Police), Emily Tyburski, Jen Wheatley

Juniors: Brian Hughes, Bernie Kuehl (Chase’s uncle) and Andrew Schain

Seniors: Bill Conn, Brooke Englert and Matt Kopicki 

Post Grads: Annie Johnson Kuehl (Chase’s mom)

Masters: Jared Hall, Karena Kuehl (Chase’s sister), Kyler Kuehl (Chase’s brother), Dave Parnell, Jeremy “Creeper” Rayner and Don Sady

Q.P’s (Original Pie-ees): DJ Dave Hoffenberg, Rick Kuehl (Chase’s dad), Sal Salmeri (Owner of Moguls), Kelly Spear and Team Canada’s Peter Whittier

Referee: Jason Evans. He will be taking pies as well. Don’t get a red card or you might be taking one, too.

The O.P.s have been in the event from the beginning. Due to Covid, the event was not held in 2020 but DJ Dave and Peter Whittier took pies on their own, so they are the only two people who have been in it every year for the past nine years. DJ Dave took pies in the Moguls parking lot and Whittier took pies from his backyard in Canada.

Chase Kuehl was diagnosed with this disease in January 2012 when he was a little over a year old. His mother, Annie Kuehl, said, “We were floored when it happened, but this is our journey now.” Since the disease is so rare, Rick Kuehl said, “This is not the lottery we wanted to win.”

They have their struggles, but they have an amazing loving child in Chase Kuehl. Annie said, “Chase’s life and world are affected by Phelan McDermid Syndrome in so many different ways and there are days that I can’t understand why he has to be one of the 2,500 in the world. But Chase is still Chase … he knows love and gives and receives it freely. He amazes me daily and reminds what life is truly about.”

Co-founder DJ Dave said, “Charity is near and dear to me, and I’m honored that so many people volunteer to get pied over and over and help us raise much needed money. I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community. I love Chase dearly and will go out of my way to raise money for him and to help the other children affected by it. This is a horrible disease with sadly no cure but your donation will help improve these children’s lives. Thanks to everyone. I can’t wait for this year’s event.”

“We can’t say enough about the people that support Chase and the foundation through this fun filled event. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people who want to help us provide the best for our little angel. The money raised will go to support the foundation’s efforts to improve the lives of children with PMS around the world as well as The Chase William Kuehl Trust, which will help provide services and support for Chase as he grows,” Rick Kuehl added.

DJ Dave added, “Not only do all my friends volunteer year in and year out to be pied, but so many businesses in Killington, Bridgewater, Ludlow, Quechee, Rutland and the surrounding towns donate to the silent auction and raffles. We have title sponsors that give generously for the event like Killington Resort, Farrell Distributing, Fiddlehead Brewing, Von Trapp Brewing and the Vermont Roofing Company. It amazes me because nobody tells me ‘No’ Some reach out to me beforehand to make sure they’re apart of it. We especially want to thank these businesses who contribute the main ‘Ingredients’ to the event: Event Space: Moguls Sports Pub, T-Shirts: Initial Ideas, Posters: Boss Office Works, Pumpkin Pies: Mendon Mountain Orchards, Pudding: Public House Pub and Whipped Cream: Stewarts Shops. “

If you want to help out at the event, email pieinthefaceforchase@gmail.com. You can earn Killington Chamber Merchant Pass Hours for volunteering.

Can’t make the event? Visit pieinthefaceforchase.com where you can buy pies to pie people from afar, then watch it live on Facebook from the page of the same name. If you want to get a taste of the action without being pied, sit in the splash zone — just come prepared!



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