On September 13, 2023
Poetry is Power

Poetry is Power: The silliness of a seal


They’re adorable,

They make you laugh,

And then they, too,

Laugh along with you.

It may not seem that way,

But they do.

They have a silly spirit,

And love to make others laugh.

It’s an important feature to have,


It keeps you feeling happy and free.

It lets your heart stay light.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Laugh and then,

Make others laugh.

Laughing is,

A kind of music.

It’s the kind of music,

That when you hear it,

You join in,

You feel happy,

Cared about,


When you laugh,

You share all those feelings with others.


Try and make someone laugh,

And then laugh with them.

Spread the joy and love.

The seals thank you,

For passing on their message,

For laughing for them,

For laughing with them.

So just remember to laugh,

And the seals will laugh with you.

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