On August 16, 2023

Vermont Hunter Education courses offered now

Through August and September, Vermont’s volunteer hunter education instructors are currently offering a limited number of courses throughout the state. These courses are a prerequisite for purchasing a hunting license, making them essential for anyone new to hunting.

Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s hunter education coordinator, Nicole Meier, emphasizes the significance of these courses. She explains, “All of our instructors are volunteers who teach because they are passionate about hunting and want to ensure that Vermont’s safe hunting legacy continues. We credit Vermont’s strong safety record to our dedicated instructors.”

Volunteer instructors play a vital role in the Vermont Hunter Education Program, providing hands-on and in-person learning experiences. Their expertise helps aspiring hunters become familiar with the necessary skills for safe hunting. 

Course availability and registration

Most of the courses are held in August and September, with additional classes being posted throughout the two months. To stay updated on the available courses, visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website at vtfishandwildlife.com. On the homepage, click on “Hunt” and then “Hunter Education” to find the right class for you. 

It’s important to note that starting on Sept. 1, individuals must be 18 years old to take the online hunter or bowhunter education courses. However, these age restrictions do not apply to in-person courses, which are available to anyone of any age, gender, experience level, race, or ability.

Benefits of hunter education

Completing a hunter education course in Vermont has several advantages. First, a Vermont hunter education card allows you to hunt in all 50 states, as well as some international locations. Additionally, these courses provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of hunting safety, ethics, and regulations. By focusing on a 6th-grade reading level, the course ensures that the material is accessible to everyone, while still maintaining the necessary level of maturity and safety.

To register for a course, visit: register-ed.com/programs/vermont. For more information, visit: vtfishandwildlife.com/hunt/hunter-education/find-a-hunter-ed-course.

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