On July 19, 2023

Ride MTB Day Returns for 2023, promoting fun and community spirit in mountain biking


Thursday, July 20—Ride MTB Day returns for 2023, with the aim of bringing together mountain bikers from around the world for a day of pure enjoyment and community spirit. This international holiday of mountain biking, that has been recognized globally since 2017, is scheduled for Thursday, July 20.

Inspired by Go Skateboarding Day, Ride MTB Day has one straightforward goal: to encourage more people to experience the joy and excitement of riding a mountain bike. Ride MTB Day is owned by everyone who enjoys the sport, and anyone can participate in promoting the event to make it a truly global movement.

There are no rules on how to participate, so anyone can take part however they like, whether it’s hitting up the local trails solo or shredding the dirt with a group of friends or colleagues. The important thing is to get out on a bike and experience the fun that comes with mountain biking.

Aside from being a day of adventure and enjoyment, Ride MTB Day also aims to support local independent bike dealers. By promoting the sport, more people will be encouraged to ride, leading to increased prosperity for IBDs involved in the industry.

For more information, visit:  ridemtbday.com. Get the latest updates and connect with the Ride MTB Day community on Instagram and Facebook with #RideMTBday.

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