On March 15, 2023

Vermont hunter education courses start in March

If you or someone you know would like to go turkey hunting this spring, but they have never taken a hunter education course, this is the time to act. Vermont’s volunteer hunter education instructors are now holding a limited number of courses throughout the state.

A person must pass the hunter education course before they can purchase their first hunting license.

“Many of these courses are held in August and September, but our volunteer instructors will be holding courses this spring to help new turkey hunters as well as anyone else who wants to take a course now,” said Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s Hunter Education Coordinator Nicole Meier.  “Our volunteer instructors teach because they are passionate about hunting and want to ensure that Vermont’s safe hunting legacy continues.”

“Volunteer instructors are the backbone of the Vermont Hunter Education Program. They are vital to Vermont’s strong record of safe hunting. Hands-on and in-person learning from an experienced instructor are the best ways to become familiar with the hard-skills associated with safe hunting and firearms handling.”

Anyone of any age is permitted to take the course. The class content, exam and paper and electronic materials are written at a grade 6 reading level.

“Courses are available in basic hunter education, bowhunter education and combination hunter-bowhunter education,” said Meier.  “We expect more classes to be posted in the future, so check our website frequently.”

A Vermont hunter education card entitles you to hunt in all 50 states, as well as some international locations.

The courses will be listed as they become available at: vtfishandwildlife.com. On the home page, click on Hunt and then Hunter Education and Find the Right Class for You. To register for a course, go to this link: Register-ed.com/programs/vermont.

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