On March 8, 2023

VINS hosts artist exhibit on owls

March 1-May 31—QUECHEE—Experience the beauty of owls through the artwork of painters Betsy Smith and Diana Clegg Brown.

Betsy Smith’s artwork is a celebration of the amazing natural world around us, from distant galaxies to the fascinating wild creatures with whom we share our sacred Earth. Her preferred mediums are watercolors and acrylics, and she particularly enjoys watercolor painting on location, where the added sensations of weather, birdsongs and bugs adds a lively dimension to the creative process. She loves the feeling of being an integral part of the landscape as she’s painting, sketching birds and other wildlife as they go about their lives always gives her joy. Smith’s sincere hope is that through her artwork she can share her love of wild creatures and the special places they call home.

Diana Clegg Brown’s artwork reflects a love and reverence for the natural world and its creatures. It has been a theme and spiritual inspiration throughout Brown’s life. She has been fortunate to have had owl encounters that have made a lasting impression on her. The process of painting, of attending to each beautiful detail of these magnificent creatures inspires a sense of awe and connection—this feeling is what painting is for her. Brown relies on inspiring photographs to capture not just details, but the mystery and wonder of the owls. She maintains great respect for the wildlife photographers who spend enormous time and effort traveling and locating the owls, while taking care to respect their space as they wait for photos. 

The artist exhibit is located at the Neale Pavilion at VINS Nature Center in Quechee. Proceeds from the purchase of artwork from artists Betsy Smith and Diana Clegg Brown will benefit VINS. For more information, call: 802-359-5000 or info@vinsweb.org.

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