On February 2, 2023

West Rutland marsh boardwalk is refurbished 

Through a generous donation, Rutland County Audubon has been able to successfully refurbish nearly the entire boardwalk on Marble Street at the West Rutland marsh. Carpenter Dennis Duhaine did a wonderful job of making the well-worn, oft-used, (and unfortunately, vandalized) structure look fresh and new, as well as making it safer for all to use. Please come out and see it for yourself and enjoy the view and the birds at our feeding station there.

At the boardwalk entrance is an informative kiosk, which is also awaiting refurbishing due to weather and vandalism. Next to the kiosk is the feeding station with various feeders and seeds, surrounding an old cellar hole. One of the chapter board members reached out on Facebook for information on the history of the building once resting on that foundation. Below is the response from the “You Know You’re From West Rutland” page courtesy of the West Rutland Historical Society:

“There were several tenement houses near the spot before 1930. Where the boardwalk is located, there was a one family (may be the cellar hole we have all seen) and anther three family tenement, possibly facing Water Street. There were two tenements on the narrow strip in front of the old lime plant. There was also a tenement just beyond the marble wall. These faced Marble Street.

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