On April 6, 2022

VINS presents ‘Snowy Owls in the Arctic’

April 8 at 6 p.m. — QUECHEE —  Perched at the top of the food web are Arctic birds like the snowy owl, rough-legged hawk, and gyrfalcon who need to consume small mammals in order to survive. But how much do their food habits change with the availability of prey in this seasonal place? 

Courtesy VINS
Dr. Jean-Francois Therrien

Tune in for Virtual Owl Friday, April 8, to learn all about these majestic creatures.

Since 2004, Dr. Jean-Francois Therrien, Ph.D and his colleagues have been studying the movement ecology of these incredible raptors on a continental scale. Using satellite telemetry, they’ve illuminated a surprising behavior of snowy owls, firmly linking the terrestrial Arctic to ocean ecosystems.

Dr. Therrien is a senior scientist at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania since 2011, working on various aspects of raptor conservation science such as satellite tracking of peregrine falcons, turkey vultures and snowy owls, monitoring American kestrel breeding populations and monitoring of North American migratory raptors passing over the sanctuary.

This virtual session is free and open to the public from 6-7 p.m., with a $10 donation suggested. Registration is required.

For more information, contact us at 802-359-5000 or info@vinsweb.org.

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