On February 26, 2022

Real Estate: Did you know?

Explaining easements, setbacks and CCRs

Property setbacks as well as easements and conditions, covenants and restrictions (CCRs) must be considered before renovating an existing home or building a new one. Setbacks are mandated buffers between surveyed property lines and permanent structures. Easements are legal designations that enable individuals or entities to use portions of a person’s property for physical access or to build on it for one reason or another. Easements may be owned by utility companies for gas lines or government agencies when sidewalks are on a private property. Additional examples of easements include greenbelt conservation easements, beach easements or view easements, according to The Spruce. CCRs include rules established by many planned communities, subdivisions and planned unit developments. CCRs, easements and property setbacks can affect which type of renovations are allowed on particular plots and may affect the issuance of permits. It’s essential to learn about property easements, CCRs and setbacks in advance and discuss them with contractors when drawing up preliminary plans. Your property deed or plat map as well as the local building inspection offices can highlight any regulations that may be in effect on your property and if they may affect future projects.

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