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Insurance protection for emergency situations

Emergencies, especially storms, can be unpredictable and cause personal injury and costly damage to homes. The right insurance is essential to help mitigate damage from storms and soften the financial blow that such destruction can cause. Not all insurance is the same, and additional policies and riders may help reduce the impact of emergencies.

Homeowners’ insurance

Standard homeowners’ insurance policies will cover a wide range of issues. American Family Insurance says damage from wildfires, wind storms, tornadoes, ice storms, lightning strikes, hail, power surges, and fallen trees is included. But additional coverage may be needed to cover excessive damage.

Matching siding coverage

Some homeowners may want to replace all of the siding on their homes if parts are damaged and color or siding materials cannot be matched exactly by patching up damaged areas.

Roof replacement insurance

This insurance will be used to pay for the full replacement of a roof, minus the deductible, which may differ from what’s covered through standard homeowners’ policies.

Sump pump overflow insurance

Sump pumps are designed to engage and pump water out of basements and crawl spaces, helping to avoid flooding in the home. If the power goes out and the sump pump cannot work, or if the sump pump fails, homeowners typically are not covered for any ensuing damage. Sump pump overflow insurance provides additional peace of mind and protection.

Flood insurance

Homeowners’ insurance may not cover flood damage, especially if a home is in a flood zone. Flood insurance can bridge the gap of coverage. The National Flood Insurance Program offers building coverage and contents coverage policies. Building coverage will cover carpeting, electrical and plumbing systems, window blinds, foundation walls, and more. Contents coverage protects curtains, personal clothing and furniture, artwork, and appliances, among other things.

‘Umbrella’ insurance

According to Geico, “umbrella” insurance is extra insurance that provides protection that goes beyond limitations and coverage of other policies. It can offer coverage for injuries to people staying at your house or renting your property, property damage, personal liability, and certain lawsuits.

Renters’ insurance

Renters’ insurance protects renters, yet the Independent Insurance Adjusters & Brokers of America says almost of residential lessees in the United States do not carry renters’ insurance. Renters’ insurance can protect belongings destroyed in a fire or weather event; provide assistance should someone be injured in your apartment; or it can protect you if you were found legally responsible for damages to someone’s property, according to State Farm Insurance.

Many types of insurance can offer various levels of protection in emergency situations. An insurance representative can walk interested parties through the policies available to customize an insurance package that will offer sufficient protection against emergencies.

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