On January 19, 2022

Grazing conference gives farmers plenty to ruminate about

Jan. 20-22 — VIRTUAL — Farms will have an opportunity to learn about farmer profitability, grazing rented land, how to best communicate with employees and related topics at the 26th annual Vermont Grazing and Livestock Conference, Jan. 20-22.

Courtesy Vermont Grass Farmers Association
In addition to the annual Vermont Grazing and Livestock Conference, farmers have opportu- nities to participate in summer grazing workshops hosted by University of Vermont Extension and the Vermont Grass Farmers Association.

The virtual conference will address the theme, “Grazing as the Roots of a Thriving Community and Healthy World,” focusing on topics specific to raising pasture-based livestock in the Northeast and social sustainability. It is co-hosted by the Vermont Grass Farmers Association (VGFA) and the University of Vermont (UVM) Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture and will run from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day.

Registration is $20 for VGFA members (up to six tickets per farm) and on a sliding scale up to $40 for non-members. To register or to view the complete agenda, go to 2022_vtglc.eventbrite.com.

Presentations will share information on farm management teams, strategies for making money as graziers, epigenetics, plant diversity and soil health and growing Vermont foods outside of Vermont, among other topics. A Q&A session will explore Vermont grazing resilience in a changing climate.

In addition, participants will hear from a farmer-led panel on the business side of making hay and delve into examples of policies for other states that support regenerative agriculture. UVM researchers will discuss their current research on crops and grazing practices.

Presentations will be recorded and available for registered participants to view up to six months after the conference.

The 2022 conference is part of a whole week of learning, planning and gathering around the potential for the Northeast region to support livestock farmers, maintain working lands and contribute to environmental regeneration through well-managed grazing.

For full details of the conference, visit vtgrassfarmers.org/vglc-conference.

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