On September 8, 2021

The Great Vermont Dragon Egg Hunt and Dash for Donuts

Sept. 13-18—KILLINGTON—Over 100 libraries have signed up to participate in the Great Vermont Dragon Egg Hunt. They are doing their scavenger hunt in their own communities.

Courtesy Sherburne Memorial Library

There is a dragon egg hidden somewhere in Killington. It can be found on public property and you’ll need clues to find the egg. The clues will be given on the Sherburne Library website and FB page each day between Sept. 13-18. Kids and families can come by the library now and sign up to be an “Official Dragon Hunter,” meaning they receive a badge and a dragon bracelet and the first four clues ahead of everyone else. On the 18th, if they stop in at the library starting at 9 a.m., they will receive the rest of the clues. The person who finds the “egg” will bring it back to the library and receive a prize.

Also happening on Saturday, Sept 18 is the .5K Dash for Donuts. It is a 1,640 foot “race” that provides enough fluids (water and such) and carbs (donuts) to guarantee you’ll get to the end of the race. We’ve done it twice with a great turnout. Our Vikings that help us with the festival always come and cause chaos, which is part of the fun. They spend the “race” attempting to trade donuts for women…or whatever they can get their hands on. Tickets are $10 per person or $35 for families of four or more. Each participant gets a medal at the end of the race. The proceeds go to fund the Vermont Fairy Tale Festival for 2022. This began as just a silly event that all ages could participate in and have fun together as a group or a family.

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