On July 14, 2021

Clean your computer inside and out

Computers are significant investments and invaluable resources for school, work and recreational use. Many people use their computers daily for several hours a day.

Computers are integral but not infallible. A concerted effort to clean computers every day can keep computers in top form. According to How-to-Geek, computer cleanup can flush disk space and free up valuable system resources. In addition to cleaning internal components, computer owners must clean the exteriors of their devices. These steps can keep computers running smoothly well into the future.

  • Store your computer the correct way. A computer that is positioned close to the ground may be exposed to carpet particles, dust, hair, pet fur, and more. These particles are less likely to get on or in the computer if it is placed on a desk.
  • Check fan vents and other ports on the computer for accumulation of debris. Computers may need to be cleaned more frequently in homes where people smoke or have pets that shed. Use a cleansing cloth and a can of compressed air to dislodge dust and other dirt.
  • Check internal systems. Some computer operating systems come with their own disk cleanup software that can help clean up system files, including fragmented files that not only take up space, but also cause computers to operate more slowly.
  • Empty the trash/recycle bin. Files placed in the trash folder are not gone until the folder is emptied.
  • Check “auto launch” applications and modify. A computer can get bogged down by applications that launch on startup. They can draw on system resources and slow down the process of starting the computer. Review the applications in the startup list and limit to only what is needed.
  • Seek professional assistance. While some people can effectively open computer cases and clean internal components, newer computers are thinner and more stream- lined than older models. Rather than risk damage, if a computer seems to be inefficient or running hot, take it in for professional cleaning and servicing.
  • Free up disk space. Photos and videos take up a lot of disk space. Consider moving larger files to an external hard drive, which also can serve as a backup for important files.

In addition, uninstall unnecessary programs that you no longer need to keep on the computer. Deleting them will free up additional space and help the computer run smoothly. In addition to these tips, remember to use only products that are safe for use on electronics when cleaning monitors, keyboards and optical mice. Keep devices away from water and moisture as well.

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