On May 26, 2021

Reminder: City parks/recreation space is substance free

New signs will remind public

The Partners for Prevention, a program of Rutland Regional Medical Center, has joined with the Rutland Recreation and Parks Dept. to launch a campaign supporting new and improved signs to highlight safe and substance free spaces across the city’s parks and facilities. Organizers began putting the signs up this week with a goal of completing the installation by June 1.

Now that places within the community are starting to open again, this initiative is a great reminder that public spaces, like parks, bike paths, and hiking trails, are substance-free areas available for both youth and adults to enjoy.

The local initiative is led by Kaitlyn Gawet, regional prevention partnership coordinator and Sarah Cosgrove, community health team education coordinator at Rutland Regional Medical Center, in partnership with the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department Superintendent Kim Peters, and Program Director Colleen Shattuck. 

“The goal is to create something that is consistent and recognizable across Rutland County, so our message remains the same no matter where you are,” said Gawet. “It is an important and memorable way to remind our community, and especially our youth, that they can have fun in these public spaces free from substances.”

“Working and partnering with Kaitlyn Gawet and Partners for Prevention has been a natural fit for the Recreation Department,” said Peters. “We are very excited to have new signage for prevention at all our parks and facilities.” 

Anyone can become involved with substance use prevention and support local youth remaining substance free. The first step is to start having the conversations about substances with our youth immediately. Helpful tips on how to start the conversation can be found in the Parenting Resources section at PartnersforPrevention802.org  and at ParentupVT.org

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