On April 7, 2021

Outer Limits sings its 2021 swan song

By Tricia Noelle
Sarah Kate Zelle skis Outer Limits during the peak of the season. Killington turned the guns on often.

By Tricia Noelle

The Bear Mountain quad, which services Outer Limits (OL), is winding down for the season. And what a season it was! The recent spring conditions on Outer Limits were the highlight. Don’t get me wrong, OL is great under the guns, but for the community of mogul skiers who call Killington home, this is what we wait for all year long.

In many ways Outer Limits was a silver lining of the pandemic, something better than normal during a tough year as the resort kept the historically mogul-led trail bumped and did not groom it.

It’s made the skiing on OL incredible. Moguls are the toughest kind of skiing, but when you feel the flow of staying in your line down the fall line, nothing compares to it.

Thankfully, Killington has a community of mogul skiers who feel the same, including Hannah Soar on the U.S. Ski Team. We are so special and lucky for it.

A group from Pennsyvalnia poses before dropping in to ski OL. By Brooke Geery
By Brooke Geery
T he bumps on Outer Limits were top notch over the 2020/21 season.

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