On March 31, 2021

RCHS launches annual appeal for 2021

Stray animals. We don’t hear about them as much as we did years ago, when it felt like they were everywhere, but there are still many strays out there. In the cold. Without food. Needing medical care.

During this past year, we had two stray animals who stood out to all of us at the shelter. Like so many others, they came to us needing the love and support we can provide them. Michelle and Ghost. We’d like to introduce them and share their stories with you.

Meet Michelle. Michelle arrived in November as a stray dog from Pittsford. At first, we thought, “Oh no, she’s a mom.  Where are her puppies? Are they alright?” Although we never did find out who her owners were or anything about her puppies, we do know that she’d had multiple litters over the years. While we were following our normal medical protocol each animal receives prior to being adopted, her bloodwork showed that she was positive for heartworm so we immediately began treatment. She is still in our care but she is on her road to recovery. When she’s cleared, she will get spayed and her days of many litters will be behind her.

Ah, then there’s Ghost. Ghost arrived as a stray cat in October from Rutland. In the spirit of Halloween and with his white coat, Ghost seemed like the perfect name. As soon as he was brought in, it was clear something was wrong with both of his eyes. His left eye was closed shut with dried tear stains. His right one was barely open. After several months of treatment, including entropion surgery on his eye, fighting upper respiratory infection, and getting neutered, Ghost was bright-eyed and finally ready for adoption in December. Just in time for the holidays.

Michelle and Ghost are among the nearly 1,100 homeless animals who come through our doors each year. With your support, we are able to provide the care they all need. Even with the complications that presented themselves with Covid, we were here throughout it, taking care of the animals. Your support of our work made all the difference in 2020 and it will continue to carry us in 2021. Thank you.

Please consider a donation to our annual appeal so we can continue to help animals like Michelle and Ghost, who need us. They depend on us and we depend on you. Please be as generous as you can. You may make a donation at


Beth Saradarian,

Executive Director

Mei Mei Brown,

RCHS Board President

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