On March 31, 2021

Blower Media launches from Killington

A new snowboard-specific publication based in Killington is now available online at blower.media. The website is the brainchild of Brooke Geery, who spent 21 years as the publisher of Yobeat.com, and currently works here at the Mountain Times.

“I hope to cover the global snowboarding community with an Eastern edge,” Geery said. “The scene in Killington is second-to-none, between Darkside Snowboards, Woodward Killington, the Dark Park and all the Vermonters making the return from their West Coast adventures, many with their own snowboarding children in tow, it’s a very exciting time.”

Follow along on instagram at @blowermedia, twitter @blowersnowboard and find Blower on Facebook at Blower Snowboarding. Inquiries may be sent to submissions@blower.media.

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