On March 24, 2021

 Vermont author Bob Pierce joins USS Vermont support group with donation to ship’s library

Best-selling author Bob Pierce has joined with numerous other Vermonters to support and encourage the officers and crew of the USS Vermont (SSN 792) and their families with products, crafts and specialty foods made in Vermont. His donation of signed copies of seven of his dozen action-adventure titles will be donated to the ship’s library to be enjoyed by members of the ship’s crew through the USS Vermont  Support Group.

The VSG is an organization of Vermont individuals, businesses and volunteers whose mission is to support the morale and well-being of all those who serve on board, to build relationships between the state of Vermont and the crew of the USS Vermont and educate the people of the state about the boat and its mission.

The USS Vermont  is the latest in the newest series of Virginia-class fast-attack submarines and the first of the most recent design upgrade. The role of the Navy’s fleet of submarines has evolved over the years and the Vermont  is the most advanced design built to meet that newly defined mission. She was commissioned for active deployment on April 18th, 2020 in a small ceremony limited by Covid restrictions. A traditional, more public ceremony is planned for a time when such restrictions are lifted enough to allow a gathering.

Submarines typically deploy for months at a time and could be at sea for all of that time and most of it, submerged. The people of Vermont have donated everything from warm winter socks, books, wood products, award plaques and, of course, maple syrup. A special, bark-textured silver pitcher was presented to the Vermont’s galley for maple syrup that will serve the crew for the life of the boat.

Author Bob Pierce has donated copies of seven of his most recent titles including “Soldiers Statesmen Thieves & Spies,” “One Kill: Hunting Lilith,” “Pieces,” “Projekt Sixteen,” and “The Wampus Got Him!” The collection of books were given to VSC president Gary Frymire along with a personal note of encouragement from the author. Frymire will include them with other donations from the VSG and conduct them to the sub base in New London (Groton), Connecticut to present to the crew. Copies of Bob’s newest project, “Blood on the Moskva, a Murder of No Consequence” will also be donated upon its release later this summer.

More information about the USS Vermont  Support Group can be found at ussvermont.org, the USS Vermont Support Group FaceBook page and the group’s president, Gary Frymire, can be contacted at ussvtsg@gmail.com.

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