On March 10, 2021

Dam Good Time replaced with a Dam Good Raffle

CHITTENDEN—The Chittenden Dammers snowmobile club is planning its annual fundraising event for 2021, but it will be different from years past due to Covid. In the past two years, Chittenden Dammers have partnered with Mountain Top Inn to create a “Dam Good Time,” with a delicious buffet dinner, live entertainment provided by Rick Reddington, and a silent auction with items donated by members and local businesses.

This year the club has a different approach for the annual fundraiser, the “Dam Good Raffle!”  The Chittenden Dammers will be selling 150 tickets to win a first prize of $5,000, and a second prize of $500, with all other tickets guaranteed to win a prize as well. Tickets are $100 and are available through ChittendenDammers.org and Facebook.com/TheChittendenDammers.  The drawing will be held live on Facebook, March 15 at 7 p.m.

Prizes have been purchased by the Chittenden Dammers in order to benefit local businesses that have donated in the past.  Five hundred dollars of the proceeds will be donated to the Chittenden Community Association. The rest of the money raised will help with the purchase of a new groomer for the Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile club. Be sure to buy your raffle tickets  soon, so we can all continue to “ride smooth” for years to come.

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