On February 3, 2021

Winter curb appeal checklist

Creating curb appeal is important in real estate and can increase the value of a home by as much as 17%. But it can be challenging to achieve great curb appeal in the cold weather months.

Here is a checklist from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), an international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of power equipment. This list can help sellers create a good first impression, even when the temperatures drop.

Creating curb appeal in the winter months

Focus on safety – Make sure buyers can safely get into your home by keeping the walkways, stairs and driveway clear of snow, ice and wet, slippery leaves. Your snow thrower can clear away snow.

Showcase winter plants – Utilize evergreen and cold weather plants like holly, pansies and witch hazel in patio pots and flower beds to add life to the landscape. A live wintergreen wreath is also a nice touch.

Give the lawn some love – Keep leaves and debris cleared off the lawn. A carpet of dormant grass gives a better impression than dead leaves and twigs. It also hints of what is to come in the spring!

Clean gutters – Clean gutters and downspouts signal to potential buyers that your home is well-maintained.

Utilize outdoor lighting – Showcase your home on short, grey days with strategically placed outdoor lighting to light up the driveway, pathways and front porch.

Prune shrubs and trees – Don’t wait until an ice or snowstorm hits to tend to the trees in your yard. Prune your plants, trees and shrubs now for a tidy look that will also keep branches from snapping off due to snow and ice. Your pole pruner or chainsaw can help remove any damaged limbs.

Organize the garage – Store your outdoor power equipment neatly in the garage, declutter the space and give it a good clean. A tidy garage looks bigger and more inviting.

Add birdfeeders – Create a natural, serene scene (and support pollinators at the same time) by installing a bird feeder or bird garden.

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