On January 27, 2021

Dave Manning offers skiing tips on the cutting edge

By Victoria Gaither

By Victoria Gaither

For 25 years, Black Dog Sports in Killington has been getting skiers and snowboarders ready forThe Beast. Based on industry standards, new techniques developed over the years by owner and operator Dave Manning provide skiers with a better edge to ride Killington and Pico.

“We iron on the wax, and it’s a process that we developed over the years,” he explained.

That process allows the heat from the iron and wax to get into the pores, making a big difference on the slopes. Manning, one of the country’s best tuners, knows a thing or two about skis and snowboards.

“Hand-tuning is a little bit more of an art than science,” he said. “Skis are all built differently; the tuner interprets the engineering that goes into the skiing. We use different hand tools to finish the process; we use just a little bit of machinery, but the rest is done by hand, and it’s a little bit of magic with it.”

Manning, an expert skier and snowboarder, also encourages beginner skiers or anyone interested in the sport. Whether you are looking for a ski tune-up or advice, he is happy to help.

By Victoria Gaither

When asked how to get off green trails, he answered, “Mileage, mileage, mileage, I believe the more your skis are on the snow, the more comfortable you are,” which leads to a better skill set and confidence.

He competed as a skier and worked in the ski industry right out of college but admitted it feels “good to be in my bed,” referring to his time spent on the road and current life based in Killington.

Black Dog Sports Facebook page shows pictures of Manning standing next to young and upcoming skiers and snowboarders, and he remains active in the ski community.

“I’ve been very blessed in my life with both my career as an athlete but then also my contacts in the industry,” he said.

Manning often chats with skiers and snowboarders in the shop, listening to stories about their experience at Killington Resort. It’s his technology that allows them to have the best experience possible.

“I want everybody to have a good time out there,” he smiled and said, “the best part is I get to leave here and ski on my lunch break.”

To hear more of this conversation with Manning, listen to the podcast at spreaker.com/user/icradio/ski-tips-from.

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