On November 25, 2020

Find Your Wings kicks off in Middlebury

Three local organizations, Lacewing Productions, Bundle, and Better Middlebury Partnership, announce the kick-off of Find Your Wings (FYW), an interactive, community-driven public sculpture project. FYWa’s goal is to enhance downtown Middlebury’s beauty and appeal while simultaneously serving as an economic driver. Artists and community members will work collaboratively to create public art for display in various downtown locations.

FYW organizers are seeking proposals from artists using the theme of “wings” as a concept of tools used to transcend economic devastation, political divisiveness, environmental crisis, and racism. Submissions are due Jan. 1, 2021. The project is expected to wrap up with the final art installations in Spring 2021. More infor can be found on the website at FindYourWingsVT.com.

Ashley Betton, Lacewing Productions, serves as Find Your Wing’s creative director. “Multiple sets of wings will be designed and created, some with community participation, for public installation and viewing,” said Betton. “These wings will be a fun activity for all ages and abilities, will encourage traffic to downtown businesses while giving the community a sense of ownership by inviting them to create art and culture in their own town. In addition, we hope participants will form unique civic partnerships with new perspectives and celebrate our community connections through art.”

Find Your Wings has a clear set of goals:

  • Support local artists in creating works which will enhance the  beauty and appeal to the downtown district
  • Produce a fun, district-wide activity for all members of our community both online and in-person
  • Encourage traffic to downtown businesses
  • Give the community a sense of ownership by inviting them to partake in the creation of art and culture in town.

Each stage of this art project includes collaborative events throughout the local community using Covid-safe guidelines. These include collaborations with public school art teachers, Middlebury College community, senior centers, public outreach programs, and more. Locations of art installations will be identified in cooperation with the Town of Middlebury and private landowners.

There are many opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to become involved. For example, families can host a private FYW event and together create a set of wings. Businesses and organizations can become involved by sponsoring an artist. To find out how you, your group, or your business can get involved contact Ashley Betton, info@lacewingproductions.com.

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