On October 28, 2020

Local woman letting donors choose her middle name to raise money for Trails Alliance

Kaitie Eddington, Program Manager, Upper Valley Trails Alliance (UVTA), was not given a middle name at birth. It seems like a small thing but her brother had one so why not her? Taking matters into her own, 8-year-old hands, she chose the middle name “Satin” but spelled it “Satan” on school assignments. “My teacher called my parents and that was it for Kaitie Satan,” said Eddington.

It’s a sad, though funny story that is finding its way to a happy, and novel, ending.

“When the kids working on this summer’s UVTA Trail Corps learned that I’d inadvertently named myself Satan they laughed, a lot, and then encouraged me to crowd source one,” she said. Eddington saw an opportunity to get her name and support UVTA programs including Trail Corps and services that have become essential to regional trail planning, building and stewardship.

In September, Eddington invited people throughout the Upper Valley and beyond to help her find a great middle name. Middle name candidates were funded through $50 donations to UVTA and opened for voting. Votes cost $10 each and are unlimited. (In this election you can very legally vote early and often.)

In response to continued interest, UVTA has extended voting to Oct. 31. Votes can be placed on uvtrails.org (look for the Kate Needs A Name button on the homepage) or send money through Venmo @kateneedsaname – Votes are $10 each. Checks are also accepted and can be mailed to:  Upper Valley Trails Alliance, PO Box 1215, Norwich, VT 05055.

After reading the story in the Valley News on Sunday, Oct. 4, an anonymous donor has offered to match, dollar for dollar, each vote purchased through the end of the fundraiser, up to $1,000. So now the Upper Valley Trails Alliance needs your votes more than ever!

When the votes are tallied, she will end her already colorful quest by legally changing her name to whatever the public funds.

Will she become Kaitie Danger Eddington? Kaitie Hike-ity Hike Hike Eddington? One of the other options still in play? (No, Satan is not an option in play.)

Will you decide?

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