On September 30, 2020

The curtain rises on Dorset Players virtual One Act Festival

DORSET—Though the Dorset Players 17th annual One Act Festival was cancelled in April of 2020, the Players are presenting two of the original One Acts along with a third for a virtual staged reading. Exploring the prevalent theme of connection, familiar faces and new came together to create this onscreen event. Actors include: Mary Jo Grego, Leslie Bremner, David Mosher, Michael Snide, Jacob Dombrowski, Cheryl Gushee, Kevin O’Toole, Dawn Goetz and Janet Groom.

Leslie Bremner, who was last seen onstage in the 2019 production of “Gaslight,” acted, directed and created the virtual presentation. “Before the pandemic we created our productions on stage, and the audiences came to us. With the quarantine, we had to find a way to reach our patrons at home. I think the skills we are learning and improving on with each production can be used long after the pandemic restrictions are lifted… it has enabled us to reach those who are unable to leave their homes to attend shows in person. With virtual theatre, the stories come to them. Theatre should be for everyone, and I think we’ve found a way to make that happen,” said Bremner. The Virtual One Act Festival can be found online at dorsetplayers.org.

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