On September 9, 2020

Vermont Climbing Festival is on for 2020, elite to speak

After much deliberation, CRAG Vermont is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the 2020 Vermont Climbing Festival! Of course, safety and the health of the community during these uncertain times is their top concern, so like a good trad climber they’ve taken stock of the situation, assessed what gear they have left and have committed to remaining flexible and creative while innovating their  way to another year of celebrating climbing in Vermont.

Instead of three days, they will have nine days of activities, including small group clinics spread throughout the entire run, along with three trail days, and two state-wide climbing competitions.

Since it’s impossible to physically have presenters this year, they’ve arranged to host a unique livestream experience on the big screen at the Colchester Drive-In on Thursday, Sept. 17.

On the (very) big screen they will be hosting two extraordinary climbers, Ron Kauk (a Yosemite legend) and Pete Whittaker (of Wideboyz fame) speaking live from their homes in California and England (respectively) exclusively for the Vermont climbing audience.

This drive-in experience will be hosted by Vermont’s own Andrea Charest, co-owner of Petra Cliffs, and will also feature a showing of the “Best of Reel Rock,” a collection of films voted on and selected by the climbing community.

All of the events and activities will be rounded out with an online auction of some great gear from their sponsors.

All proceeds go to support CRAG Vermont and the amazing work they do to secure your crags and cliffs. For more information and to purchase tickets visit vermontclimbingfestival.com.

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