On September 2, 2020

Healthcare workers invited to enjoy a free meal at The Foundry

Over the past few months, healthcare workers have played an essential role in battling the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) global health crisis by putting their own lives at risk to help reduce the number of virus cases, locally and world-wide. Each healthcare professional including nurses, doctors, hospital staff, respiratory therapists, EMTs, pharmacists and everyone who supports patients has shown outstanding determination for the sake of others. Your bravery, in turn, has created safer communities, and hope for the future.

The Foundry at Summit Pond is extremely thankful for the sacrifices you make everyday, but especially during this pandemic. Your service to those in need, as well as the community, is saving countless lives while keeping the community, and the world, a safer place to live.

To express our appreciation and gratitude for our everyday heroes, The Foundry at Summit Pond is pleased to welcome you to a meal on them. The Foundry and Farrell Distributing have partnered with Yealands Wines and Palm Bay International to create the “Raise a Glass” program. A portion of every bottle of wine sold was donated to the program to support a night out at The Foundry for local healthcare workers.

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