On August 26, 2020

The Southern Vermont Arts Center announces new exhibitions

MANCHESTER—The Southern Vermont Arts Center is pleased to announce that it will be hosting new exhibitions in both Yester House and the Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum.

Yester House

The late summer/early fall Yester House solo exhibitions, opened on Aug. 22, showcasing eight artists from around the region. Each artist was handpicked to show their work in one of SVAC’s galleries. The artwork selected varies from impressionistic 2-D paintings to abstract sculptures, textile arts, photography and collage. These exhibitions will be on view from Aug. 22 through Oct. 4, 2020.

Exhibiting artists include Dona Mara Friedman, Patty Hudak, Matthew Lerman, Deborah Liljegren, Carol MacDonald, Kathy Stark, Emily Tirioni and Judith Rey with Denis Versweyveld.

Elizabeth de C. Wilson Museum

In honor of the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which ensures women the right to vote, Southern Vermont Arts Center is presenting an exhibition series titled “Women Take Wilson.” The second installment of exhibitions in SVAC’s “Women Take Wilson” series will open on Sept. 5 featuring a major two gallery exhibition by photographer Adrien Broom and a large-scale installation by artist Patty Hudak. The artists featured in this exhibition series individually exemplify what it means to be a successful woman artist in today’s society. These exhibitions will be on view from Sept. 5 – Nov. 1, 2020. They will celebrate the opening with an outdoor reception on Saturday, Sept. 5 from 3-5 p.m.

“Two Sides of a Dream” – Adrien Broom

Photographer and set designer Adrien Broom presents her exhibition “Two Sides of a Dream.” Broom travels world-wide to create her fantastical scenes. The Wilson Museum will feature two bodies of Broom’s work—”The Color Project” and “Holding Space.”

“There, Through the Broken Branches, Go” – Patty Hudak

“There, Through the Broken Branches, Go,” responds to the experience of moving through the woodlands of Vermont. The seven panels of transparent fabric, each measuring 15 feet in height, are painted with pigments. They hang adjacent to each other, creating a transparent veil that invites the viewer to contemplate the act of passing through.

Southern Vermont Arts Center is located at 930 SVAC Drive in Manchester. For more information visit svac.org.

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