On August 19, 2020

Mask fashion in Rutland

Beau Williams wearing a mask with “lobstahs.”

by Brooke Geery

With a statewide mandate in place that everyone wear masks in public as of Aug. 1, it is wise to accept this new reality and enjoy the opportunity to make a  fashion statement with this additional accessory.  While disposable blue paper masks will accomplish the same medical purpose, many have made or found creative face coverings to lessen the burden of being masked up. Whether it’s a professional sports team, a message of cancer survival, or a mischievous cat, a colorful mask design can really complete the ensemble! Not only will you look good, but you’ll help curd the spread of Covid. Attendees of Rutland’s Art in the Park summer festival showed off their creativity and style on Aug. 8, and here are a few of our favorites.

Scarlett and Zeke Bogertman happily wear kid’s masks.
Jenna Barber’s mask is sealed with a kiss.
An unknown Vermonter shows his state pride.
Cancer-survivor Dawn Smith-Pliner wears a mask supporting breast cancer awareness and research.
What a purrrrr-fect mask, Connor Perry!

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