On July 15, 2020

VINS announces fundraiser to feed the birds

QUECHEE—The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) is excited to announce the launch of a Facebook fundraiser to feed the birds! The past few weeks have been a very busy and thrilling time at VINS’ Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation (CWBR). CWBR has taken in 495 birds this year. That’s over 140 more than they had at this point in 2019 – and 2019 was a record-breaking year for bird numbers at the  rehabilitation center. Looks like they are well on track to break their own record for the third year in a row. They admitted 240 bird patients in June 2020 alone!

At this time of the year, they receive many orphaned baby birds who require near-round-the-clock care, and as they are growing, they are hungry! It takes 70,000 mealworms a week to keep these little ones fed. And that’s in addition to rodents, fish and other foods required for other injured patients and their resident raptors. VINS is  outpacing this year’s food budget just to keep up with their hungry, healing birds. To help them meet demand, VINS has launched a Facebook Fundraiser. Now through July 31, your donation will help to purchase the diverse and healthy diets these avian patients need to grow, become strong, and rejoin the wild. To give the gift of $5 (100 mealworms), $75 (100 mice), or any other amount, please visit their Facebook Fundraiser page at facebook.com/donate/299238254648143.

The Center for Wild Bird Rehabilitation is open daily for intake of injured or orphaned wild birds. Please email info@vinsweb.org with any inquiries. VINS is headquartered in Quechee, VT at the VINS Nature Center, 149 Natures Way.

The VINS Nature Center in now open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On July 13, they resumed regular admission pricing, which is as follows: adults $17.50; seniors, students and veterans $16.50; youth $15; and free for members and for children three and under. All ticket purchases may be applied toward the purchase of VINS membership.

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