On June 24, 2020

Fishing access areas are unsafe safe for swimming

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept. reminds the public not to swim at fishing access areas due to safety concerns.  The primary use of the fishing access areas is for launching and retrieving motorboats.   The VF&W  maintains 196 developed fishing access areas on lakes and rivers throughout the state.  These areas have allowed uses determined by law, and swimming is not one of them.

The access areas were purchased and are maintained with funds derived from the sale of fishing licenses and motorboat registrations, as well as a federal excise tax on fishing equipment, fishing tackle, and gasoline for motorboats.  These funding sources explicitly prohibit activities that are in conflict with fishing and boating.

Fish & Wildlife regulations prohibit certain uses of fishing access areas including, but not limited to — swimming, littering, camping, picnicking, making a fire, parking of vehicles not related to priority uses, and commercial activity.

“It’s great that people want to get out in the water, but a boat ramp is not the right place to go swimming,” said Mike Wichrowski who oversees the Fishing Access Area Program.  “There’s a reason motorboats aren’t allowed in swimming areas, and swimming isn’t allowed at fishing access areas — it’s simply not safe.”

The fine for swimming at an access area is $162.

“Vermont State Game Wardens often respond to incidents,” said Colonel Jason Batchelder, Vermont’s Chief Warden.  “In some cases people, including children, are swimming right at the boat ramps while boats were being launched, risking injury or preventing the launching of boats.”

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